200+ Sample Recognition Ideas

February 14, 2019 / by Kate Sheffield


Recognition to Team Members and Employees

Recognition for hard work

  1. Your results speak for themselves - you put in the hard work and you succeed as a result.
  2. The pride you take in your work inspires us all to work harder and do better.
  3. Your incredible dedication, extra effort, keen insights and open mind make you an invaluable asset to this team and the entire organization.
  4. Your dedication to seeing everything through to the finish is incomparable and made the difference in getting us to the finish line.
  5. Your enthusiasm and commitment are eclipsed only by your incredible ability to get done anything that is put in front of you. You bring energy and passion to even the most mundane of projects and tasks and the whole group benefits as a result.
  6. The personal pride you take in your work shines through and is an integral part of our success.
  7. I never cease to be impressed by your work and your work ethic. Thank you for the leadership you provide within the team through your example.
  8. The work you have done so far has been amazing. Bravo! Keep up the excellent push forward - we are almost there!
  9. The thoroughness of your work never ceases to amaze me. Every detail has obviously been checked and rechecked.
  10. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a fantastic employee. You are not only reliable, hard working and efficient, you are a pleasure to be around and a strengthening force within the team.
  11. You should know that your hard work does not go unnoticed. The detailed thinking that goes into all of your projects is impressive and the company and our clients benefit greatly for it.
  12. You always make my job easy - I never have to be concerned about the quality of work you turn in - it’s always excellent the first time, every time.
  13. I’ve given you a tremendous amount of work these past few weeks and you have come through as I knew you would.  You have proved, yet again, that my faith in your abilities is not misplaced.
  14. The extraordinary service you provided makes me grateful we work together.
  15. I both recognize and appreciate your incredibly dedicated efforts on the project.  We are making great progress because of your dedication.
  16. Your work ethic speaks for itself - and speaks to the whole team!
  17. Your work ethic impresses us all.
  18. It’s amazing how you find ways to overcome any obstacle on your path to success. You simply find a way to work harder the better and you overcome as a result.
  19. Burning the midnight oil paid off handsomely for us all. Job well done!
  20. I love your motto: “It may not be my fault, but it is my problem.” You teach us all what good customer service looks like.
  21. Thank you for volunteering and taking on more work when your plate was already full. You never shirk from responsibility or hard work.
  22. I am grateful that I always get your very best, all day, every day.  Thank you for your commitment to work and to the job. You commitment not only feeds much of the company’s success, it is contagious and inspires others to do the same. We are fortunate to have you as a member of the team.
  23. Simply put, we would be lost without you.
  24. Thank you for the example you set for myself and others.
  25. The amount of positive feedback I get on your performance is amazing - you guide the way for us all.
  26. Here’s to those who inspire us and don’t even know it!  You bring the best every day.
  27. Thanks so much for being there when I needed the help - the project wouldn’t have come together had you not provided that missing piece.
  28. Thanks so much for catching my error! I would have been cooked if you hadn’t!
  29. You have a true commitment to quality that shines through everything you do. I know it does not happen without hard work and I am grateful for it.
  30. Your self-motivation and dedication to the quality and integrity of our work inspires us all to do more.
  31. Keep up the great work. What you are doing is really paying off!
  32. Wow! What’s your secret? You get done more in a day than most do in a week!
  33. I’m not sure how this place ever functioned without you! So glad to have you on the team!
  34. We couldn’t have completed that project without your ingenuity and industrious spirit.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have you on our team and can’t wait for the next project we can crush together!
  35. Your ability to accommodate without compromising ensures our success.
  36. Thank you for your initiative on the project.  Your dedication to not only get it going but see it through to the end made the whole effort an unqualified success.
  37. You always find a way to get it done and done well! I always know it will go well if we have you as part of the mix.
  38. I’ve decided I don’t think there is anything you can’t do.  It certainly doesn’t matter what we throw at you, you come through!
  39. It’s incredible how often you go above and beyond. The quality of your work never ceases to amaze me and everyone else.
  40. You bring your A-Game each and every day and our clients are all the happier and our company the stronger for it.


Recognition for achievement

  1. You are a winner and I love being along for the ride! I knew that you could do it. A big congratulations on graduating. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!
  2. To be honest, I’m envious of your many talents! Way to land that promotion you totally deserved it!
  3. I knew you would get the certification! Bravo! I know a lot of work went into “making it look easy.”
  4. Congratulations on passing - and the first time too! You inspire me and the whole department with your dedication to pushing forward.
  5. Congratulations for being recognized by management! It is completely deserved and makes me realize that they really do know what is going on!
  6. I saw you putting in the extra hours and now they have paid off. You showed that getting to the top is not done in an elevator but by climbing all the steps. “Good guys” don’t always finished last!
  7. Thanks for the extra effort with that client - your work made the whole company look good. I know we would not have retained the client without you.
  8. Way to make it happen.  Your achievement is the direct result of your dedicated efforts.
  9. Your preparation on the project made all the difference in the world. Coming in on time and on budget was not luck, but the result of your careful planning and great management.
  10. Your leadership does not end with your team.  You are leading the leaders of the company with your ideas, work ethic, your positive attitude and results.
  11. You have a willingness to do whatever needs to be done and as a result you achieve results. Well done!
  12. I am proud to have the privilege to be your boss.  Your performance these last few months has been exemplary and it’s obvious you are ready for increased responsibility.
  13. This latest release is OUTSTANDING! Congratulations for getting to the finish line. The design is gorgeous and intuitive.
  14. The new model you built is incredible. I know that an enormous amount of thought went into putting it together and the whole firm will benefits as a result. It’s a genuine achievement!
  15. Congratulations on your work anniversary. When I look around the company I see your finger prints everywhere and we are all the better for it.
  16. The new website is amazing! We all love it and it really shows off our brand just as we want it to. I know there were a lot of moving parts to get us to where we are and I’m impressed it all went off so well. Bravo!
  17. Great work on the company retreat. So many details had to be attended to and the whole thing went off without a hitch. We all learned so much AND had a good time because of the full breadth of the event.
  18. Congratulations on a successful conversion of our healthcare plan. I know that it required countless hours of effort and an enormous attention to detail and I want you to know that we all greatly appreciate the fact that you look after us so well.
  19. I can’t believe we survived the conversion! New systems are daunting but you took on the project and ensured we were all prepared and I am grateful that we had you running it all. Well done!
  20. Our latest campaign is fun and inspiring and makes me proud to talk to friends, family and colleagues about our company. Your creative designs and clever messaging really take us to the next level!


Recognition for presentation

  1. The presentation was spot-on! The client loved it and your work really made the whole company look good. Thank you for the hard work that went into not just the content but rehearsing to ensure that the delivery was perfect.
  2. You totally crushed it! The presentation was an unqualified success. I know you put in the hours and it shows!
  3. You burned the midnight oil to pull that presentation together and the results speak for themselves!
  4. You have more than earned this opportunity and you demonstrated it in the meeting.  You utterly commanded that room. I felt proud to be part of your team!
  5. You put in the two things that this presentation needed to succeed - time and attention to detail. Then you went in front of a less-than-friendly crowd and nailed it. Way to go!
  6. Just when I thought your work couldn’t get any better, you deliver on this! Wow!
  7. Fantastic work! ‘Nuf said.
  8. You take creativity to a new whole new level. Very few have your gift of it. The presentation and all the materials were an unqualified success.
  9. Your presentation to the company got us excited to be part of this great organization all over again! Thanks for allowing us to come out of our every-day-work to be inspired by what we do.
  10. You brought that whole room together with your inspiring story and passionate words. I was grateful to be part of the audience.


Recognition for sales

  1. You have a unique ability to identify and capitalize on opportunity. When no one else believed it could be done, you wouldn’t give up. Congratulations on the sale!
  2. Congratulations on blasting through your numbers for the quarter. I’m not surprised, but I have to admit, I’m still impressed!
  3. Congratulations on landing the account! I know you’ve been working on it for months and your hard work and perseverance paid off. The client loves you and it shows!
  4. Your numbers inspire us all! Bravo! I would say, “Keep up the good work” but I already know you will!
  5. Your insight was spot on and the client obviously agreed. Thanks for being the lynch pin that sealed the deal.
  6. When others were ready to admit defeat, you refused to fail which lead to our ultimate success. We are fortunate to have someone who not only perseveres but is creative and innovative in sales.
  7. You turn even the most unlikely of prospects into a fantastic client!  Way to make it happen when no one else thought it could be done.
  8. Whoa! Those numbers are incredible. I know there is a tremendous amount of hard work both inside and outside the office that went into them. Way to bring the company up a notch! You are setting a new standard for us all!
  9. Congratulations on your first sale! I’m sure this is just the first of many!
  10. I’m completely blown away by your performance this month. We asked you to do more and you more than delivered.


Recognition for teamwork

  1. Your ability to galvanize the troops and care for the company are incredible.  You are already on your way to being a tremendous leader and I can’t wait to see what new challenges you take on and conquer.
  2. Your ability to work well with absolutely everyone is a very rare quality and I am grateful that you chose to work with us and bring that to the company.  We are all the better for it.
  3. You showed great compassion to the client without compromising the company. Your level of service exemplifies what we all should aspire to.
  4. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to work with you. I always know that you will have my back and any part of the job you handle will be a success.
  5. Way to make an impression on the team with your incredible work ethic and ability to bring them all together!
  6. Your leadership does not end with your team.  You are leading the leaders of the company with your ideas, work ethic, your positive attitude and results.
  7. Thank you for bringing the team together - you inspire the best work in everyone.
  8. It’s rare to have an employee who inspires their boss the way you inspire me. Thanks for always pushing me to look at things from a new perspective.
  9. Having you on the team makes a huge difference - we all know we can get there with your support.
  10. I couldn’t imagine the team without you - I don’t WANT TO imagine the team without you!
  11. I know that even if it’s not part of your job description, you never stand on ceremony.  I’m grateful that I know the job will just get done no matter what.
  12. I love how we can totally disagree and then come out with the best solution possible, together.
  13. It’s amazing how you are always available to get others and especially new employees up to speed.
  14. I want you to know how much you mean to me and the whole team. Each of us benefits differently from your abilities and your attitude.
  15. You bring a level of professionalism to our work that makes me feel proud to work here.
  16. If the world had more people like you it would be a better place.
  17. I’m always impressed how you treat everyone with the same respect and positive attitude.  You genuinely embody the company’s spirit and our core values in everything you do and you inspire us all to do the same!
  18. You don’t just read our core values you embrace them and remind the rest of us to be better as a result.
  19. Thank you for owning the situation even when it really wasn’t yours to own. You are a person of genuine honor and integrity and I’m proud to work with you.
  20. No matter the task or the project, you see it through from conception to completion and you ensure everyone does their part.
  21. I genuinely appreciate how you are always quick to show initiative and always know intuitively how to make things work.
  22. Our success is due in no small part to your contributions.
  23. Your winner’s attitude is contagious and the whole team is benefiting from it.
  24. Your efforts to lead and strengthen our culture do not go unnoticed! It is not easy to approach each day with the positive attitude you invariably bring.
  25. Even when the going gets tough, you continue to have the best attitude!
  26. It’s difficult to adequately express how integral you are to the team.
  27. They say we should be grateful for those who make us happy - and you make me happy every day.  Thanks for leading the charge for good vibes within the team and the company.
  28. You always bring the sunshine - I can count on you to ensure the team is working together well.
  29. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful to have you and your consistent quality on our team.
  30. Not only did you step in to help when your coworker was out, you did it without a fuss and things ran incredibly smoothly. I know you only made it LOOK easy. It took tremendous effort.
  31. Taking on any new task at work is always daunting, but I have confidence when I know you are on my team.
  32. Your ability to connect with people is something that can’t be taught. Thanks for finding a way to connect with each and every new hire so they can feel instantly comfortable and start bringing their best to the table right away.


Recognition for ideas

  1. The genesis of innovation is always an idea. Thank you for sharing yours with us so we can make this happen.
  2. The new insight you provided was the greatest victory on the project! Each time we exchange ideas my respect for you just grows.
  3. You redefine the word “creative thinker.” I’m so incredibly impressed with your unique perspective and ability to come up with a solution when no one else could.
  4. Thanks so much for the fantastic idea!  We can’t wait to get started on implementing it.
  5. Thank you for always having the courage to speak up and provide your perspective - even when it could be considered “negative.”  We are all better for your “look before you leap” caution.
  6. You have fresh, insightful ideas and we all benefit from everything you bring to the team. I’m impressed with your ability to bring up the counterpoint in a situation without sparking controversy - but rather communicating the importance of looking at all the details.
  7. I was very proud to be able to share your ideas in the management meeting because I knew they would make our department look good - and of course they did!  Please don’t ever hold back - you have unparalleled insight and I always want to hear it - even when it’s diametrically opposed to what I may think. You’re contributions are invaluable!


Thank you for kindness/help

  1. Thanks so much for making me feel better.  You’re a great coworker and cheerleader.
  2. You consistently go the extra mile for not just work but your co-workers.  It’s impressive and inspiring.
  3. I count myself lucky to work in an office with such a caring person. You’re simply the best!
  4. Thanks for coming to bat in the bottom of the 9th!
  5. Thanks so much for covering for me when my wife had surgery. It meant the world to me to be able to be there for her while not worrying about what was going on back at work.
  6. Thanks so much for letting them know what I did for the project - you didn’t have to share the credit but you generously did and I am very grateful for it.
  7. Words can’t express my feelings, nor my true gratitude for all of your help.
  8. You’re the most amazing co-worker. Your help and guidance has made my job much easier and more fun.  I really appreciate all of your time and effort to ensure my success even at the expense of your time and getting your work done. I hope I can repay the favor and soon!
  9. I wanted to say thank you for all you did to helping me get promoted.  Your spirit of fair play and teamwork makes this company great.
  10. I’m very grateful for the role you play in supporting me to be my best - it is genuinely appreciated.
  11. Thanks for being there for me today.  You’re the best teammate a person could hope for!
  12. Thanks for having my back! You are a colleague, a mentor and a true friend.  I have learned so much from you on so many levels.
  13. I love all of the projects I’ve been getting to work on with you.  Thanks for your invaluable input and for always pushing me to be the best I can be.
  14. If every colleague were as great as you, no one would ever complain about coming to work.  I’m grateful for the support I get from you every day!
  15. Thanks so much for taking over my projects and my clients while I was out.  I can’t believe how well everything is going. I really owe you one!
  16. There are friends of convenience and there are real friendships forged at work.  I am grateful to be able to say, that our friendship extends beyond the convenience of work colleagues to something I cherish outside of the workplace as well.
  17. You are an amazing co-worker.  I will forever be grateful for all the great times we shared together as well as the struggles we overcame.  You have taught me a tremendous amount.
  18. You always push me to be better than I thought I could be and have a special ability to get me there. Thank you for being an amazing coworker and never letter me settle for less than the best.
  19. Thank you for taking the time to explain the benefits package to me…yet again! I am sure you get tired of my asking every little question but you certainly don’t let it show! Instead you made me feel so much better about it.
  20. Thank you for getting my compute back up and running so quickly! You are a total life saver! I’m so impressed how well you work under such incredible pressure every single day!

Recognition to a Manager / Thank you to a Boss

Recognition for leadership

  1. My friends are so envious of the relationship I have with my boss and my company. Thanks for making that so.
  2. I’m always impressed how you treat the team as peers rather than subordinates or even just “employees.”  This level of respect makes us all rise to the occasion because we know we are valued so we want to bring our very best.
  3. Thank you for creating a positive environment within our department.  I love everyone I work with and that’s all thanks to you and the fact that you bring out the best in us and have a way of neutralizing everything else.
  4. Your healthy perspective on what is truly important inspires all whose lives you touch.
  5. I hope some day to be the kind of boss you are for me and the whole team.
  6. They say a good boss is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget - no truer words were ever spoken about how I feel about you.
  7. You don’t just support us in work, you make us feel like we matter. It’s hard to find that quality in anyone, let alone a manager!
  8. As a leader you make us all feel secure, but as a person, you make us all feel understood - the combination makes you truly exceptional.
  9. You have set the bar incredibly  high for any boss or supervisor I may have in the future. I always know I can bring any situation to you and you will take the time to help me find the best solution. I hope that I can be a manager of your caliber some day.
  10. Peter Drucker says “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right thing.” Thanks for being both a manager and a leader.
  11. You’re an inspiration to this team. Your leadership and vision are rare and I always trust that you’ll guide us in the right direction.
  12. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with and learn from you every day.
  13. Your personal commitment to excellence inspires others to fulfill a greater potential than they even knew they had.  We are all changed for the better because of you.
  14. Thank you for reminding us all to stop and enjoy the little things - even while we push hard to meet our goals.
  15. Your ability to listen with open minded concern creates an environment where people feel respected and are inspired to help each other.
  16. Your objectivity sets you apart from other leaders; you create an environment where it’s safe to bring new ideas.
  17. I only hope I can be the kind of leader you have demonstrated to me.
  18. You have taught me a great many things, but gratitude is perhaps at the top of the list.
  19. You are the best because you brought out the best in me!
  20. Vince Lombardi said, “Individual commitment to a group effort: That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” But without a true leader at the helm, it would never happen.  Thank you for the leadership you bring to our team every day. We reached our goals because of your steady guidance bringing out the commitment in each of us.
  21. Your healthy perspective allows you to always act with honor. I am impressed with the compassion you show to every member of the team.
  22. We always know that your motivations are entirely to achieve what is best for us and for the company.  That is a rare quality.
  23. You are honorable and devoid of self-motivation. This makes you not just a greater leader but a great person.
  24. You always see the best in people, so that is what you always get.  It is a noble quality that elevates us all.
  25. Your approach to exemplary work is second to none. Much of our success is due to your dedication, skill and hard work.  I so appreciate your time and all the things you do to keep everything running smoothly. I am sure there is far more than I even know about!
  26. Thank you for turning your unique perspective into a vision that we can all support and work toward. I’m so proud to be part of this journey with you!
  27. When others rush into new ventures, your careful assessment of the whole situation makes our work genuinely superior.
  28. There were many obstacles but the way you negotiated them inspired us all.


Thank you for understanding/being supportive

  1. Thank you for understanding about my daughter’s recital. It meant the world to her and to me that I could be there.  
  2. Your support of our lives outside of the office make this company a different place to work than any other I know.
  3. Thank you for being so flexible as we got the details worked out! I could not believe how patient you were and I was able to do it without being frazzled because I knew you were supporting me. We don’t plan to buy another house for a LONG time!
  4. Thank you for always being compassionate about my school schedule and my school work. I am profoundly grateful for your unwavering support as I try to improve myself.
  5. Thank you for understanding about my son being sick. I was worried about missing work, but your reaction made me feel so much better. My little guy thanks you too!
  6. You understand the intricacies and depth of the human condition and don’t try to manage with a one-size-fits all approach. I am grateful for all you do for me and the entire team.
  7. I just wanted to thank you for making the workplace a fun place to be and a place I look forward to coming 5 days a week!
  8. Thank you for coming to the funeral, I was dumbfounded when I looked up and saw you there. You’re the reason people refer to this place as a family.
  9. Thank you for coming to the hospital! I couldn’t believe you took the time out of your already packed schedule to come. It meant more to me than words can say. I don’t think I would have been able to navigate the parking garage and the front desk!
  10. Thank you for allowing me to take the time to deal with my family issues last week. I am very fortunate to have a manager who would be so understanding - especially when things have been so crazy.  
  11. Thanks for the pep talk!  I feel so much better about our next steps and how I can move forward and make it all work. I’m fortunate to have your guidance.
  12. Thank you for putting me up for that promotion! I can’t wait to take on more responsibility and this next challenge.  Many thanks for believing in me!
  13. It’s incredibly rare to work for someone who will always go to bat for you. My friends are jealous that I have a boss like you.
  14. Thank you for supporting me, even when the error had been mine. You have a way of turning around the negative and making it a positive with the client.
  15. Thank you for being the backbone of my story.  I wouldn’t be here without your support.


Thank you to a mentor

  1. You are more than a manager or a leader, you are genuinely a mentor because you ensure we all keep a healthy balance between what we do at work and how it affects the rest of our lives. I always feel like I’m a person first and an employee a distant second.
  2. Thank you for having faith in me even when I did not.  Your encouragement and support were invaluable in helping me to persevere and succeed.
  3. As Simon Sinek says, “A boss has the title, a leader has the people.”  Thanks for being our leader.
  4. I’m grateful for your pushing me to do more because I would not be where I am today in my career without it.
  5. You have my immense thanks for all of the support you’ve given me.  Your guidance and encouragement have helped me get to where I am today.  Working with you is truly a pleasure.
  6. Thank you for your continued support.  I’m grateful to have someone who is thinking of my career and my well-being.  
  7. Thanks for helping me to develop a can-do attitude when my natural instinct was always to doubt I could do it.  I am genuinely a better employee and a better person for all I learn from you about both business and life every day.
  8. I’ve learned so much from you and I’m so appreciative of all the time you’ve taken to teach me new things and guide me in my journey.  I can’t imagine anyone whose opinion I trust more or whose counsel I value higher. I feel incredibly fortunate to have you in my camp.
  9. I’ve grown so much over the past year and it’s all thanks to you and your efforts to get me there. I can’t wait to see where the next year will take me.  Thanks for being such a great leader and a great boss.
  10. Oprah Winfrey said it best, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” I didn’t even have the courage to see the hope but you saw it for me and then fanned it into a flame.
  11. Thank you for your incredible support as I tried to manage it all.  Your confidence in me made all the difference in the world.
  12. One of my greatest wishes is to be able to repay to you what you have given to me. Just saying “thank you” somehow isn’t enough - I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay the kindness.
  13. Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement and for seeing the potential in me and not letting me get away with doing anything other than my best.
  14. Thank you for believing in me and believing I could do it.  When others weren’t sure, and I wavered your faith made the difference I needed to push forward.
  15. Many thanks for believing in me! I leaned on the respect I had for you and the fact that you believed I could and now we can both see the fruits of that belief!
  16. Thank you for being the backbone of my story.  I wouldn’t be here without your support.
  17. You gave me the most precious thing of all - your time and your attention.  Thank you for genuinely listening to what I had to say and guiding me in the right direction when I was lost.
  18. Thank you for pushing me to be more than I thought I could be.  I appreciate you saw the potential when I could not.


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Kate Sheffield

Written by Kate Sheffield

Kate is President and COO of Preciate.